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I Mina’trentai Na Unu Liheslaturan Guahan - 31st Guam Legislature

Hafa Adai!

Welcome to the official Web site of the Office of Senator Sam Mabini, Ph.D.

This Web site supports our mission through the use of Web technology, enhancing the office’s value to its constituents. The goal of our site is to provide visitors some relevant, current and valuable information relative to our efforts. The office is proud to offer a translation link (see upper right corner) as well, which enables visitors to translate the content of our site into several different languages.

When you browse our site, you will find relevant bills or resolutions I’ve introduced, committee engagements, events, news and discussions. Useful information about local services and links to valuable sites can be found here, as well. Because our office is a strong proponent of workforce development, our team is working on developing an online interactive portal between the youth/adults and the workforce development community. Through this portal, we hope to encourage, empower and inspire young adults to actively “connect” with career opportunities. Stay tuned for updates on the development of this project.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


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Deputy Director of the Guam Department of Labor

With an extensive professional and educational background in workforce development, Dr. Mabini accepted the Governor of Guam’s appointment to Deputy Director of the Guam Department of Labor (previously, Director of the Guam Agency for Human Resources Development).  This challenging role allows her to share her knowledge and passion in support of the Governor’s efforts to build a stronger workforce and economy for Guam.   Dr. Mabini shares that her graduate work at the University of Minnesota started with  her study of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, resulting with her Ph.D. in Work and Human Resource Education.

Today, Dr. Mabini is responsible for carrying out the new federal legislation that replaced the WIA.  The new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 provides the vehicle to support and build Guam’s businesses, workers and job seekers.

“My career is coming in full circle, and I’m honored to continue serving the people of Guam in this capacity,” shared Dr. Mabini.…

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Dr. Mabini joins Pacific Islands University

Dr. Mabini continues to fuel her passion to serve students, especially those in most need of assistance to achieve their academic goals.  After her term in the 31st Guam Legislature, Dr. Mabini accepted the position as Provost/Academic V.P., as well as interim Advancement VP, at Pacific Islands University on Guam.  PIU is a U.S. accredited private, Christian university (est. 1976) located in Mangilao Guam.

Dr. Sam Mabini with PIU staff (Samantha Owen and Nino Pate

Dr. Sam Mabini with PIU staff (Samantha Owen and Nino Pate)

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Senator Mabini shares resource for Guam Teachers: NRCCTE Website

As the Guam Department of Education focuses on Common Core State Standards, which includes the
integration of Career and Technical Education learning outcomes into academic coursework, I am
pleased to announce to you a newly revamped resource to help our island’s teachers meet their new
objectives. I am speaking of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE).

The NRCCTE is the country’s primary resource supporting professional development and technical
assistance for Career and Technical Education (CTE) professionals. Historically, it has been funded
through Carl D. Perkins federal funding during its over 34 year history. It has been housed in such
prestigious educational institutions such as: my Alma mater, the University of Minnesota; Ohio State
University; the University of California at Berkeley; and is now led by a consortium through the
University of Louisville.

The NRCCTE focuses on the latest news and research in the realm of Career and Technical Education.
Through their website you can easily access current and past research, publications, multimedia and
evidence-based professional development tools. Key areas on their new site include core issues
affecting CTE; complete information about current and completed research; and publications and
resources dating back to 1991.…

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Vote 2012 Senator Sam Mabini

“PNC speaks with the last of the incumbents who are running for re-election to the legislature. Republican Senator Sam Mabini tells us why she should be re-elected and what she wants to focus on if given the opportunity to serve again.

Senator Mabini says she will continue the work she has began with passage of the CARE act which helps to better prepare the island’s students to enter the workforce. She also introduced and passed a bill that created the international prison transfer program allowing Guam to transfer prisoners back to their country of origin. “I’d like everybody’s support for one more term for another term to continue this work it does take a lot of time to see things through the care act that I had put out begins in school year 2014 and so by staying in office I’d be able to ensure that the work that would support the implementation of that law would continue so I hope I continue receiving the support of the people of Guam,” said the senator. Mabini is running for re-election on the Republican ticket.”

Source: Pacific News Center

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KUAM D12 Tonight

Watch Senator Sam Mabini, who is running for re-election, as she and other fellow senatorial candidates guests on KUAM News D12 Tonight show. Download the show here.

To stream the latest episode of D12 Tonight visit KUAM News.

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